About Me

The Saucy Lady is Denise Davila, a New York City beauty and lifestyle publicist by day and rampant food junkie by night.

Currently residing on the small but overcrowded Island of Staten, Denise tries her best to live life to the fullest & enjoy every day with vim, vigor & a generous heaping handful of spice.

With a profound love of food, drink as well as culinary gadgets and tools, Denise seeks to bring you some of the information, recipes and news that she tries, tests & tastes.

Denise lives with her graphic designer boyfriend, Jeff Powell who routinely volunteers to personally test each recipe that comes out of the oven.  Together, with their expanding waistlines and four furry friends they are conquering delicious meals & cat hair simultaneously.

For advertising inquiries and to send samples, please e-mail me at ddavila2002@gmail.com.