The Saucy Lady

When I decided to start a food blog it was for a couple of reasons. For about a year I went over and over the reasons in my head.  Other voices in my head kept sending their own messages:  there are tons of food blogs out there, the blogosphere is saturated, what would I have to add to what already exists out there and why? Why? The answer kept coming back to me loud and clear:  because I love food. I had a passion for food that ultimately, I wanted to share with others.  My love of food is not JUST about the actual consumption, the tastes, the delight, the overall experience; it was much more than that.  I love the way food brings people together, I love the gusto and enthusiasm it conjures in certain people (myself included), I love how it can bridge cultures, make people closer & create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Does this sound like an overstatement to you? If it does, I ask you to remember those lovely dinners you might have had with your family when you were a child growing up, the holiday meals you might have shared, waking up in the morning to smell mom’s cooking saturating the house in the most delightful way…garlic, marinara or maybe gingerbread, pies and cookies.  I want you to remember the first dinner date you and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend might have shared, or baking cookies with your children or even a sense of pride you might have felt looking out at the table knowing that your friends & family are enjoying a contribution you made, by hand, with love, food.

I also wanted to share with others the fact that food doesn’t need to intimidate. Being in my early 30’s I encounter people every day that are STILL daunted by the idea of cooking. Why? Cooking can be simple, it can be delicious and the experience can be greatly awarding.  In the amount of time you spend picking up the phone and ordering takeout, waiting for delivery and FINALLY get to eat, you could have created a fantastic meal, with ingredients found in your own home.

Lastly, I want to remind you all that life is short- why shouldn’t we have great meals, great drink and great experiences EVERY day?  We work hard & I believe we should enjoy the spoils of our labor.  Food is a great way to do that each and every day. 

So, I hope to be able to bring to you a little of what I learned, some of the things I find enjoyable and share them with you. This blog is a little mish mash of several things- food and drink recipes, shopping & appliance finds, a little insight, a little sarcasm, a little love & hopefully things you also find useful & bring you and your loved ones joy.